Online Certification Exam

Please fill in the form to apply for an online certification exam. Update your certificate or obtain an international recognized certificate that verify your knowledge in the competency units of your interest.

  • Make your online certification exam from anywhere in the world.
  • Update your certificate or receive a new one for the competency units that you require.
  • To achieve EXEMPLAR GLOBAL Competency Certification the candidate is required to demonstrate competency in the respective module(s) by successfully completing the online examination. GSProgress accepts an applicant’s documented learning and examination records (e.g. Certificate of Attainment, Diplomas, formal qualifications, etc.) following determination of equivalence by GSP that the examination of competence reflects equivalence with EXEMPLAR GLOBAL defined competencies and Examination Principles as evidence of competence for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). A customer service executive from GSProgress will be in contact to clarify any doubt that you may have.