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We are a management consulting and training firm based in Miami, Florida, USA with operations worldwide. Through our business partners and affiliates in various countries, we are able to offer the same quality of service no matter where you need us.

Our team of consultants and trainers are experts in the respective fields and will do everything necessary to guarantee a successful outcome of each project. Every team is led by a senior team leader who has to pass our rigorous selection process and competency requirements to ensure that the project or training goals are met and that our customers will be completely satisfied and get what they signed up for.

We currently have representatives in the following countries:

  • Peru
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Canada
  • Guatemala

marcoMarco A. Pardave
Co-Founder of GS Progress
Member and Delegate to ISO Technical Committees ISO TC-176 and ISO TC-207

His passion for quality management, problem solving, lean management and other tools geared towards improved efficiency and profitability of an organization and its processes originated during his two years tenure in Japan while studying a Masters Degree Program at the Japanese Union of Scientists, where he would learn TQM as well as lean and six sigma methodologies at their source. As a direct disciple of the great Kaoru Ishikawa, Mr. Pardave learned a hands-on approach to quality management and process improvement, showing with facts what can be achieved by simply applying the basic tools and techniques. Back from Japan, Mr. Pardave had the opportunity to apply his knowledge directly to the then blooming automotive industry, being in charge of supplier quality assurance and development for Chrysler Corporation in Mexico, where he would gain an excellent reputation as a professional who would lead hundreds of companies to success, which would not only show in a better product but also in a more profitable business. As a business owner, director, consultant, trainer, auditor and internationally renowned speaker, Mr. Pardave has gained extraordinary experience in most industries, the private and the public sectors and has earned a reputation as an outstanding individual who just knows how to lead others to success.

Publications include:

  • UN Global Compact Business Against Corruption - Case Story: Introduction of Transparency Programs in the city of Veracruz, Mexico
  • Co-Author of the following books for Chrysler Mexico: Design of Experiments, FMEA “Failure Mode and Effect Analysis”, TQM “Total Quality Management”, R-R Studies “Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies”, QFD “Quality Function Deployment, How to reduce cost and Increase Quality by finical and empowerment strategies.
  • Co-Author of the book “Environmental Management and Eco-Efficiency for the Industry”.
  • Wrote more than 80 articles for international congresses, technical magazines and interviews. Speaker at international conferences in the USA, Latin America, Europe, South Africa and Asia for diverse organizations

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Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa and 
Marco Pardave


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