Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

GS Progress is a consulting firm who gives support a variety of certification bodies, corporate offices, governments, educational institutions, industrial associations and industries offering gap analysis, training, C-TPAT implementation and supply chain services.

We provide the necessary support to achieve compliance with the C-TPAT validation processes ensuring that the C-TPAT participant’s international supply chain security measures contained in the C-TPAT participant’s security profile have been implemented and are being followed in accordance with established C-TPAT criteria or guidelines. In a pre-assessment our team evaluates the status and effectiveness of key security measures in the participant’s profile; followed by recommendations to achieve compliance.

Typical benefits that you reach and was reported by organizations that implemented ISO 28000 with C-TPAT:

  • Reduced time taken to identify problems by 21 percent
  • Reduced excess inventory by 14 percent
  • Reduce the number of Customs inspections - fewer delays
  • Saw a 29 percent reduction in transit times
  • Earn priority processing for CBP inspections - more opportunities for Front-of- the-Line inspection processing
  • Reduced theft in inventory management by 38 percent
  • Save freight time and fuel crossing the borders - easier on your budget
  • Increase protection of your assets, personnel and supply chain - vendors, suppliers & customers
  • Implement better supply chain security – less losses

CBP has announced that they will provide significant benefits to C-TPAT members who comply with the Importer Security Filing (ISF) / 10+2 program.

CBP assigns a “risk-value score” to each shipment, based on the ISF/10+2 filing; in general, CBP will decrease the number of inspections for:

  1. C-TPAT members, Foreign Suppliers (if eligible) that are C-TPAT members, Foreign Suppliers that have been inspected (validated) by CBP




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We offer a free C-TPAT open house seminar ones a month at ITC (Miami Free Zone), 

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