On November 9, 2017, Marco Pardave, CEO of GSProgress, was recognized for his brilliant 48-year career in the industry of Quality Management Systems, contributing to the formation of leaders in many companies and being the founder of the first Master's Degree in Quality Engineering in Latin America.


CIDET (Technology Development Center of the Electricity Sector)
for the third consecutive year made an academic training day for customers and partners in Colombia, in order to update on trends and themes of the impact, led by national and experts worldwide, enabling them to boost competitiveness and growth in their organizations.

By Elisabeth Thaller

ISO 19011 2018 Update

 After the second meeting of the international committee ISO/PC 302 JWG1, the vision of the revised ISO 19011—Guidelines for auditing management systems has become much clearer.

Prompted by a presentation by the Italian delegation, an effort was made to include changes to the standard that go beyond the initially discussed light adjustments and focus on a revised document that better reflects organizations’ needs and the framework of ISO’s Annex SL High Level Structure. This structure provides a standardized approach to management system standards by using identical subclause titles, text, and common terms and core definitions to facilitate the integration of several management system standards within one organization’s business management system.

By Elisabeth Thaller

Last year the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) approved a project to revise ISO 19011:2011—Guidelines for auditing management systems. ISO Project Committee PC 302 was established with experts from numerous countries to revise the standard. The first of four plenary meetings was held during the second week of November in Orlando, Florida.

While it is too soon to say exactly what the new revision of ISO 19011 will look like, here is a brief overview of the most relevant topics that were discussed at the first meeting.

Authors:UN Global Compact; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Source: UN Global Compact Reports, Volume 1, Number 1, 1 January 2006, pp. 25-207(183)
Publisher: United Nations Global Compact in association with GSE Research

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